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RIVER CRUISING: A Unique Experience

Tired of the same old vacation? Looking for something new and exciting? How about a change of pace, perspective and interest? When you cruised before and think “been there, done that”, have you considered a cruise on a specially-built ship along one of the world’s great rivers?

Many rivers and canals are much too small for the big cruise ships, but they are not too small for the specially designed river ships. River and canal voyages are becoming an increasingly popular option among people who enjoy cruising but want to see more of the country. 

River cruising is quite different from ocean cruising, For example, river ships rarely take more than 160 passengers (except for a couple of ships on the Yangtze in China) compared with 600 – 5,000 on ocean cruise ships. This gives the passengers a much "smaller" feel, the ships are more intimate, the interaction with the crew is more personal and the onboard amenities are different. You will find luxurious staterooms, most with balconies; the ships carry no casino; nightly entertainment consists of local performers or a resident pianist; and the food is of local origin, it’s fresh and prepared by expert chefs. Many river ships offer fitness centers, consistent high-speed Internet access, sundecks, and some have swimming pools and a spa. Many offer complimentary bicycles for guests to use along the canal paths, for those who want to stretch their legs. 

Most river cruises include the cost of shore excursions in the cruise fare. Itineraries may incorporate major cities, but your experience may focus more on smaller towns and villages. Days without a port of call (or two) are rare and the waterways are calm with the shoreline always in sight. So, if you want to spend more time exploring the destination rather than traveling to it, a river cruise may be just the ticket for you. 

River cruising is available on four continents:

North America

South America



Ohio (Pittsburgh – St. Louis)

Amazon, East (Manaus/Orinoco)

Rhine – Netherlands, Germany

Ganges (India)

Missouri (Chicago – N. Orleans)

 Amazon, West (Iquitos, Peru)

Main - Germany

Yangtze (China)

Tombigbee Waterway (Chicago – N. Orleans) Kentucky & Mississippi

Danube – Germany, Austria, Slovakia,        Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria

Rajana (Borneo)

Intracoastal Waterway (Maine-Texas)


Mosel - Germany

Mekong (Cambodia/Vietnam)

Hudson (New York to Erie Canal)


Rhone – France (Provence)

Irrawaddy (Myanmar)

St. Lawrence (Lake Erie – Montreal)


Saone – France (Burgundy)

Saguenay - Quebec City


Douro - Portugal/Spain


Great Lakes Tour


Volga – Volg ograd - Moscow


Lake Michigan (Chicago – Chicago R/T)


Neva – St. Petersburg - Moscow


Columbia/Snake – Pacific NW


Dnieper – Kiev – Black sea




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