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Why YOU should cruise

Love to travel but hate the hassle?  Have you always wanted to go to Europe but the idea of packing each day and getting on the train for the next destination is overwhelming?  Would you love to go to Alaska but think the huge distance between hotels and places is insurmountable?  Would you like to see other countries, cultures, and have different experiences but would rather not fly?

If any of these statements are true, cruising is your answer.  On a cruise ship, you unpack only one time.  Once you are settled in, the ship is your luxury hotel taking you practically anywhere in the world where there is water.  How else could you visit five countries in one week and return feeling relaxed, refreshed and pampered?

Yes, you can go to Europe on a cruise.  The Mediterranean calls with its gentle breezes, beautiful water and ancient ruins.  You can visit Athens, Barcelona, Rome, Monte Carlo and many other beautiful places there and only unpack one time.  Maybe the Norwegian fjords and the Scandinavian capitals of Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm and St. Petersburg call to you.  Or maybe you would prefer exploring the rivers of Europe from a specially built river cruise ship.

A relaxing inside passage cruise to or from Alaska is also perfect by sea in the summer.  You can go from Anchorage to Vancouver by ship passing beautiful glaciers, lakes, and streams and the wildlife is spectacular.  The towns and villages where you will stop are full of history from the gold rush days.  Pre- and post-cruise packages are available if you want to visit Denali National Park or Fairbanks.

If you would rather not fly, look at nearby ports.  More cruise ship terminals are available today, so chances are, there is one within driving distance.

Travel surveys repeatedly report that cruising has the highest satisfaction rating of any form of vacation.  Make sure that you work with us as your trained Cruise Specialist, because we have been on many cruises and have the buying power to offer special discounts and benefits. 

Cruises can be very different;  just like a Volkswagen Beetle is different than a Jaguar and the Red Roof Inn is different than the Ritz Carlton, the various cruise lines, food, service and accommodations are quite different on the various ships.  We have been on many of the ships and know the  differences between them; this will allow us to help you find the cruise that is perfect for you.  We will also help you get the best rates, accommodations and help you choose the best time of year to go.  We can also discuss shore excursions you might want to consider and what clothes to pack.

Perhaps the most important thing is that we are here to answer your questions and help you before, during and after your cruise experience.

Why use Bob Taylor as your cruise specialist? 

~ I have been onboard a number of different cruise ships and can give you first-hand advice. 

~ I have done research through familiarization trips and on line seminars so you donít have to do the work yourself .

~ I know where to find the discounts and perks.

~ You donít pay me a thing to use my services Ė the cruise lines pay my commission.

~ I am passionate about travel, and equally passionate about assisting you to assure that your dream cruise meets your expectations.

Let me assist you in matching your lifestyle and budget to a cruise line and a destination. I can guide you through making the many choices when booking your cruise experience.  The ship will be your hotel, restaurant and transportation for the duration of your cruise, so picking the right ship is necessary to make your vacation enjoyable.  I am here to answer your questions and help you with any special arrangements, and I will develop a relationship with you that lasts long after the cruise.  



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